Series of two books and a leaflet with The New Art of Making Books, written by Ulises Carrión, as a starting point. my book is a more ironic sequence of the words my and book copied over and over again until the words are almost not recognisable due to the distortion of the copy machine. In untitled, the text is removed and only the typographic characters and the images are kept. Both books are meant to stress the notion of the book as an autonomous object and are part of an ongoing series.

Victor Van Wassenhive Victor Van Wassenhive

my book, variable amount of pages, 8,5 x 16 cm

Victor Van Wassenhive

untitled, 160p, 17 x 24 cm

Victor Van Wassenhive

The New Art of Making Books, Ulises Carrión (screen print, 31,5 x 47 cm)